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As wealth managers our over riding objective is to understand what’s important to you and why. We then devise an investment strategy that reflects your desires for your life. We take a holistic approach to money management that starts with listening to you and creates a plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances and desires. We look at all areas of your financial life including investment management, income tax planning, retirement planning, estate planning and insurance. Our approach strives to increase your wealth by seeking to use only the best hand chosen investments in the market place while at the same time mitigating income tax ramifications. We work to maximize the growth of your investments, create an income in retirement and preserve your wealth for future generations. We work to maximize the growth of your investments, create an income in retirement and preserve your wealth for future generations.
T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners

"Wealth Management Wheel"

Think of a wheel. The center of the “Wheel" is YOU, your desires and wishes which guides our approach to managing your investments. We believe the “Wheel” or "Wealth Management” advances optimally when all aspects of your financial life are incorporated into your investment strategy. We work to choose the best investments for YOU along with the right mix of investments while incorporating all areas of your financial life: Income Tax Planning. Retirement Planning, Estate Planning, Cash Flow Analysis and Insurance.

Importance of Financial Planning - "Spokes of the Wheel"

Investment Management: We want to make you money and help you feel confident using it! We choose your investment portfolio that is designed based on your specific desires whether that be accumulating, distribution and/or preservation of wealth. We are an independent firm with no proprietary products. We can choose from over 17,000 mutual funds as well as stocks, bonds, real estate investment trusts, exchange traded funds.

Income Tax Planning:We work to save you taxes! We look for ways to reduce your taxable income as well as choosing an investment strategy that is the best for you given your income tax scenario.

Retirement Planning: We want you to retire! ...Or know that you can!) We provide an easy to understand Roadmap to retirement. We take the mystery out of planning for retirement and how to create an income from your invested assets.

Estate Planning: We want to help you carry out your wishes! Leaving a legacy to whom and how you choose is one of the best gifts you can provide yourself as well as your loved ones. We advise you on strategies and important documents as well as keeping beneficiary information up to date.

Cash Flow Analysis: We want you to obtain financial freedom and the lifestyle of your choice! We will use financial projections to show “what if” scenarios to help you prioritize your goals and help you determine the projected impact on your current and future cash flow needs of various lifestyle choices.

Insurance: We want you (and us) to sleep at night! We want to be sure that you have the proper level of insurance to cover your loved ones, yet not over insured that it unnecessarily reduces your investment program. We do not sell insurance and therefore we believe we can give you unbiased opinions on amounts and kinds.