Tracey Anton

"The greatest gift that I’ve been given is the ability to take my years of study and apply it in a way that makes a measurable difference in the lives of our clients whom I consider friends."
Tracey Anton, CFP

T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners

Certified Financial Planner and Founder

Tracey founded T. Anton Investment house to help people grow their wealth to fulfill their dreams. She focuses on money management as well as retirement planning, income tax planning and estate planning. With more than 28 years of experience guiding client’s, she has seen the benefits of decisions implemented in the past enabling clients to reach their financial goals. She can be heard on her weekly radio program, every Tuesday at 8:00 am and Friday at 8:30 am, on WIBA 1310, "Straight Talk From the House”. On her off days, she enjoys spending time with her husband Doug and participating in philanthropic causes.

Brenda Sims

"As a child, my parents told me to treat others the way I wanted to be treated: that simple advice taken to heart molded me into one who cares, encourages and guides others in having the audacity to be a positive influence." Brenda Sims

T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners

Investment Advisor

Brenda has worked in the investment advisory business for over 13 years in a client service capacity. She currently holds the Series 65 license and previously held Series 6 and 63 licenses. She has a great enthusiasm for helping others to thrive and to live life more abundantly. When she’s not at work, Brenda enjoys ministering, the outdoors, walking, and watching football.

Erik Barker

"Both personally and professionally, I’ve witnessed the truly remarkable difference a well thought out investment and estate plan can make on individuals and families. The process of Financial planning allows me the honor of helping create that positive difference and live out my small-town values of hard work, putting others first and the desire to make the world a better place. " Erik Barker

T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners

Investment Advisor

Erik graduated from UW Madison with a degree in Personal Finance – Financial Planning. He currently holds 65 license and plans to take the Certified Financial Planner exam after graduation. He has worked for the Investment house for over two years. Outside of work, Erik enjoys spending his time fishing, skiing, and hiking.

Kimberly Krueger

"I never thought I would run a marathon in my life, but I ended up running the Chicago Marathon in 2013. On the days it was tough to run and I wanted to quit, I remember that I wasn’t running for myself. I was running for something greater than me…to build a well in Africa for a village to have clean water. Remembering the “why” gave me the tenacity and perseverance to complete the race. It gives me great joy to apply this same level of tenacity in my work life helping clients reach their financial goals. " Kimberly Krueger

T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners

Client Support Specialist

Kimberly brings eight years of experience in the areas of finance and wealth management. As someone who enjoys encouraging others and problem solving, she thrives on taking something that is complicated and making it simple. Her warm and friendly personality will put you at ease while servicing your financial needs. If you want to establish an account, transfer an account, or have a question about your accounts, Kimberly will take care of you. In her free time, you’ll find her and her dog, Lacey, exploring the outdoors. Her lifetime goal to is visit each National Park (visited 21 out of 62 and counting!)

Abigail (Abby) Gilman

"My grandmother always reminded me to ‘bloom where I’m planted,’ which is a perspective I incorporate into both my personal and professional life. This reminds to me to find value through every opportunity that’s presented to me and to share that joy with those I work with." Abigail (Abby) Gilman

T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners


Abby will be graduating from UW Madison in the spring of 2022 with a degree in Finance and Risk Management. She is an intern with T. Anton Investment House, Inc., learning the ins and outs of wealth management. Outside of work and school she enjoys cooking with new recipes, being active outdoors, and going on long walks with friends and family.

Shannon Jones II

"AI want to use what I know to help and educate others so that they can continue to spread that same knowledge. Being able to help others is valuable to me and a big part of my life." Shannon Jones II

T. Anton Investment House-Financial Planners


Shannon is a senior at UW-Madison majoring in Personal Finance with Certificates in Business and Afro-American Studies. He is currently an intern with T. Anton Investment House, Inc. He grew up in Milwaukee, WI and is a proud Milwaukee Bucks fan. In his free time, he likes to work out, make music, cook, and play video games.